Group Counseling – $95 per month for 3 sessions per month.  The group may include up to 8 members plus the Therapist.  No insurance taken for groups at this time.  Groups will meet once a week for one hour.  Topics for group sessions at this time include:

  • Marriage Mercies for Wives – Marriages can and do survive crisis situations (trust me, been there, done that!). Surviving isn’t a popular message in the world today.  More often than not we hear, “leave”, “give up” or “you are a fool to stay’.  We find ourselves completely alone with no one to understand what we are going through.  This particular group is geared toward wives only and will offer support, therapeutic strategies and hope for the salvation of your marriage when your life seems to be turning upside down.
  • Parenting Possibilities – Parenting is tough, there is no doubt about it. Sometimes we feel alone in our struggles with parenting or think no one has gone through the things we have seen as parents.  This group will offer support, clinical descriptions of parenting styles with examples and how children respond to different parenting styles.
  • Motivational Meet Up – Have you struggled for years with reaching health or motivational goals, but you can’t really pinpoint what is keeping you from climbing over that wall? I have!  Maybe you don’t even know why the wall exists in the first place.  You have a mighty purpose on this earth, an individual purpose that no one else can fulfill.  Together we will work towards finding that purpose and pushing that motivation into full gear!
  • Groups are not interchangeable. The $95 fee is to join one group. Feel free to join more than one group, however, another $95 fee will apply.

Individual, Couples or Family Therapy –  Please contact me at 951-381-0836 for rates and insurance information.

It’s important to find someone you can talk to.

With both individual and group settings, you will have options available to help with what you may be going through.

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